100% paid for your MBO diploma and learning Dutch at DP World

The first BBL Logistics employee training (MBO level 2) started in May. This training is tailor-made together with ROC Tilburg. What is unique about this course is that, in addition to the subject content, learning Dutch is also offered as a second language. The employer pays for the costs of the training and the training day is paid 100%.. After successful completion of the two-year course, students receive an accredited diploma that is valid throughout Europe.

BBL Team Leader (MBO level 3)

In addition to the BBL Logistics Employee course, another course is coming up: BBL Team Leader (MBO level 3). This will also take 2 years. employees who already have a logistician diploma can complete the course in just one year. For all students, they work their usual number of working days and go to school one of those days and get 100% paid.

Responsibility towards the labor market

“In this way we take our responsibility towards the labor market”, says ROC program director Hans van de Sande. “We contribute to one of the government’s spearheads: lifelong development, in order to ensure that people remain well employable on the labor market.”

New colleagues

DP World continuously welcomes new colleagues and offers them more than just a job. In addition to a pleasant working atmosphere in which you can be who you are and where we take good care of each other, it also offers plenty of education and training opportunities to develop.

About DP World

Every day thousands of high-tech products pass through the logistics warehouses in Tilburg, Waalwijk, Amsterdam, Venray and Rotterdam. For more than 60 years, DP World has been optimizing our customers’ supply chains by providing tailor-made, forward-thinking and scalable solutions that reduce costs and improve performance. For example, we work for major car and technology brands such as Dell.

Do you also want to work and learn?

It is possible! More information about DP World and you can apply via this link. Prefer direct contact with a recruiter? You can via: +31 6 43158983 or via werken@dpworld.com.

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