DP World rises to place 14 in the Logistics Top 100 this year!

This year DP World rises to place 14 in the Logistics Top 100

Leading in sustainability and innovation

As a leading player in the logistics sector, we remain at the forefront of sustainability and innovation. We are proud of our achievements. Last year we were in place 21, this year we climb to place 14.


Sustainable transport is high on our agenda. We are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations and promoting a greener future. That’s why we’ve been recognized with one star for our sustainable transportation efforts.


In the field of sustainable warehousing we score high with no fewer than three stars. We have taken innovative measures to improve energy efficiency, reduce waste and promote the use of renewable energy sources.

Innovation in labor and training

We also attach great importance to innovation in employment and training, for which we have received two stars. We invest in the development of our staff and offer them opportunities to develop further. In addition, we implement smart technologies in our warehouses, which enable us to increase efficiency and productivity.


With no less than four stars in the field of digitization, we are known for our progressive approach. We use advanced technologies to automate processes, analyze and improve data. This is how we strive for an optimized logistics ecosystem.

Index score: 44,24

With an impressive index score of 44.24 for the year 2023 and our continued commitment to sustainability and innovation, we remain a leading player in the logistics industry. We continue to push our boundaries and strengthen our position as an example of excellence in the industry.

Thank you to all our employees and partners for contributing to this success!